Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hive of Activity

I feel pretty fortunate to have some great trees in my yard, particularly the two big ash trees out front.  They provide relief from the heat, such as we had during last week's mini-heat wave and produce great bunches of red berries that attract both bohemian waxwings and grosbeaks during the winter months.   I'm sure they were planted when the house was built which would make them about 30 years old.  They pale in comparison to the mighty maples I saw growing up in Ontario but compared to much of my neighborhood they are fairly sizable.

In fact they were getting downright bushy and since I pruned my backyard tree last month I started thinking I should take down a few branches out front too so I wouldn't feel as though I was walking into a forest as soon as I stepped out the door. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive.  I mean, if I screwed up on the backyard tree it's not like anyone other than myself or my tenants would see it.  If I messed up out front, my butchery would be there for the whole neighborhood to see.  I considered taking a couple of before photos so I could see the difference but I was tired from work and just wanted to get it taken care of so I could kick back for the evening.  In any event, the pruning went well and things look much tidier. I was a bit distracted by how the end result would look yes.  And also, I was wary of a branch coming down and hitting a couple tenant vehicles in the driveway.  No worries there though.

What I completely forgot about were the little "house guests", whose nest I had taken care of with a garden hose a week or so ago.   They had regrouped....and rebuilt.  Oh I knew they were there.  But as I turned my back to the nest so I could attack a branch from a better angle, one of them embarked on a kamikaze mission and hit me on the side of the head.  I actually heard an odd noise as it hit my skull.  At first I thought part of the branch I was working on had hit me, but a little red mark told otherwise.

Fortunately, the sting didn't last long.  I was annoyed at my lack of focus more than anything.  In any event, I won't have to worry about any more pruning for a long while now and a small sting was worth the end result.


Unkle B said...

You better bee careful or you will have Greenpeace picketing in front of your house!!

Way Way Up said...

Don't worry bee happy!