Friday, July 6, 2012

An Hour at the Snye is Good For the Soul

I caught a break in between the bouts of intense weather we've been experiencing the past 24 hours to get a few errands done downtown and decided while I was at it to take a stroll down to the Snye. It's always a great place to unwind after a long stretch at work and other than a rower on the water and a jogger, I had the place to myself.
I followed a few Northern Flickers darting between the trees (Yellow-shafted versions actually) and managed to spook a mallard into flight as I made my way down to the shoreline. The water was higher than usual with all recent rain so it was difficult to follow the waterfowl out on the water and watch my footing at the same time so I didn't get wet. It's a pretty sandy area and these bluffs always catch my attention.

I probably should have been closer attention to where I was stepping though as I soon found myself under attack by numerous ants that apparently make their home in this sandy area. Yes, I know. I really need a tan on those legs.
Flat calm, a nice reflection and a nice way to spend an hour on your day off, however.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice way to relax after work, myself I just sit and watch the sunset and get dark by myself in my semi-bug proof gazebo, especially on these hot humid evening.