Sunday, July 8, 2012

New House Guests

A couple weeks back when I was pruning my backyard tree I had to deal with a lot of hornets which meant it took longer then planned to get a few large branches down. I was a bit stymied about where they were all coming from since I they weren't an issue the past couple summers. This morning while returning from a grocery run I happened to notice a nest in one of the ash trees in the front yard. Its a bit hidden away and even when you come out the front door and face the tree it could be easily missed. It will have to go eventually given its close proximity to the house but for now I'm content to snap a photo and brood over how to get rid of it. I'll gladly stay inside today anyhow since the temperature will likely surpass 30C this afternoon.


ardendale said...

if you want to get rid of it, you have to be patient and wait until you have a real cool morning, not hot & humid, and knock it down and then you can get rid of it becauce in the cool mornings they are slow to react and you can take it down and stomp it flat without getting stung. Sounds cruel but it's either you or them
Uncle Brian

Way Way Up said...

The garden hose works wonders.