Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Waiting For Godot

I've been watching the past couple weeks especially as the little berries on my ash trees begin to ripen.  Even this evening they are more red than the orange they appear in the photo here.  Long work shifts over the summer months so far have meant I've really had precious little time to do much hiking, though I certainly have taken full advantage when opportunities arise.  My trees' berry bounty reminds me that soon I won't have to venture out as far as they will attract grosbeaks and especially waxwings once fall begins to turn to winter.  Unlike the enigmatic Godot in the Samuel Beckett play, seeing these birds is a sure thing.  I don't think urban life has softened me that much but I do appreciate the chance to observe my favourite birds from the comfort of my livingroom or bedroom.

On another note, I am likely off this weekend for a change.  I probably could work it but it would mean another 18-day shift and I've done plenty of those this summer and the cooler morning temperatures are a good reminder that summer is slowly beginning to wane.  I definitely won't be bored on my days off as I have plenty of things on my "to do" list.  Ugly bathroom floor, you are on notice.  Your imminent replacement is fast approaching!

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