Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camp Food

While its true that my job (and indeed many people's work here) involves some long hours, one of the little perks is the free food.  Most mornings before I head out of the lunch room I can usually count on a muffin or a danish (man, I love danishes!) courtesy of some of the guys that stay in camp.  People bring in their extras and I gladly do my part to ensure no food is wasted.  I was getting all sorts of sandwiches and wraps off one of our truck drivers for a goodly part of the summer and when I went a few days without bumping into him I joked I was relieved to see him because I had been wasting away to nothing in the summer heat.

Granted, yes, I know it's camp food and would hardly be considered gourmet.  I've eaten a lot of interesting things in my life, from raw seal meat in Nunavut to rooster testicle stew in Hungary (no kidding).  I'm not saying these things are tasteless (they aren't) to me because my taste buds are dead or anything but I do enjoy and appreciate any type of food I can get my hands on.   At the very least its extra energy throughout the day which I'm sure my muscles (what exists of them anyhow) will be grateful for as the weather slowly starts to turn colder.

Yes, for someone here that doesn't live in camp, I've sure consumed my fair share of camp food.

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