Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fire in Thickwood

There are a couple of apartment buildings here in Thickwood I pass by pretty much much on a daily basis and it came as quite a shock to learn that one of them suffered a major fire last night.  My bus to work passes right by the building but due to a thick fog and the fact that I was still half asleep, it wasn't until I got to work that I learned about the tragedy.   I recall seeing a couple emergency vehicles parked along the side of the road but thought nothing more of it at the time.  Plus the fire was pretty much out by the time I passed by.   One of my foreman told me last night's flames were visible from her vantage point across the river in Abasand.

Being an older, predominantly wooden structure, its not surprising the entire building is a loss. Additional photos can be found here.  What is surprising, bordering on the miraculous even, since I've talk of fire alarms not functioning properly, is that there were absolutely no fatalities or injuries.  I snapped a couple of stark photos earlier this evening after work.

Temporary shelters have been set up at a nearby church and school and I know there will be mechanisms put in place to help the 40 or so residents affected by the fire. Apparently, there is already a Facebook page set up for this purpose. Despite media portrayals of Fort McMurray as a rough and tumble boom town, I've seen many times how people here pull together in times of trouble and I know this time will be no different.

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