Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hey Let's Demonstrate Against Fort McMurray's Oil Sands by Protesting in Victoria

While admitting I don't entirely disagree with their message, I must admit to rolling my eyes when I came across a news item about a big protest (ok, sit in) regarding a certain pipeline.  I'm guessing having it at the BC legislature rather than here in the heart of the oil sands has nothing at all to do with the fact that Victoria is a major urban centre and has a much bigger media market than Fort McMurray.   Note to's the other major BC metropolis that is the city with the hockey team.  Forgive my cynicism but really, why is it that these people ever have the guts and determination to do a large-scale protest down Franklin Avenue here?

This all reminds me of hearing of major protests in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa against the seal hunt while I was living in Nunavut.  I guess Iqaluit either isn't worth the effort of getting there or these people were unable to read an atlas.


-N- said...

Darcy, maybe you don't understand how protests work. Research that a bit. (I'm no huge fan of them myself, but their way works better than your proposal, which is why they do it that way.)

Way Way Up said...

Im not proposing anything. This protest is merely an example of typical lefty silliness.