Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sorry, I Just Can't Stop Laughing Over This One

It must be tough to be Edgar Schmidt these days. He's the genius in charge of Edmonton Public Schools that very recently fired an experienced and respected physics teacher for the dastardly crime of giving students zeros on assignments not turned in. From having to justify a silly grading policy, I'm sure Eggie was on top of the world a few days ago when he was able to terminate the teacher. Fortunately you can't keep a good man down as it appears that Lynden Dorval, the teacher in question has been re-hired by an Edmonton private school.

While Schmidt may have thought he was getting some sort of victory, in the end he's only shown how petty and juvenile he is.  SURELY, there are more important things in education worth spending time and paperwork over than this sad series of events.  This only serves to highlight how out of touch the public school system is with reality in many respects.  Interesting that the school that hired him does allow zeros to be given out for incomplete assignment, exactly how the real world works.  Of course, this concept is totally over the head of Schmidt and Edmonton Public Schools.

Way to go Schmidt!  Good job at making yourself look like a complete idiot in such a public way!

And good luck with the new job, Mr. Dorval.  In the end, the cream always rises to the top and I tip my hat to you sir!


Bonnie said...

So Darcy, have you encountered this policy in any of your other teaching positions?

Way Way Up said...

I haven't encountered this "no zero policy" per se but I have run into situations similar to it where I was encouraged to pass a student along regardless of what final mark they earned.

How this is supposed to encourage a student to overcome adversity (a life skill I think is quite valuable) was never really clearly explained to me.