Friday, October 19, 2012

Opening a Small Twinned Section of Highway 63 aka How the Alberta Conservatives Gave Fort McMurray A Bag of Peanuts

I've been a bit silent on the twinning of Highway 63 lately as work has kept me uber busy.  Nevertheless, its an issue not far from my mind as I travel the highway on a regular basis.  I caught word this morning of an announcement regarding the highway but wasn't able to get details until I returned home from running some errands downtown.

Actually, its a double announcement  --- a small section of highway "will open to traffic soon" and the province has committed to having the highway twinned by 2016.  Of course, this small section that will be opening has been in the works for God knows how long and the government trumpeting that it is opening a few months ahead of schedule does elicit a chuckle given how pathetically slow things have gone.   And, there remains a good 200-odd kilometers to go.  A 2016 completion date brings us pretty close to a provincial election.  I'm sure this is just a coincidence of course.   I've never been to keen on the particular brand of conservatism here in Alberta and see choosing between the Conservatives and Wildrose kind of of like deciding what form of cancer you want to die from, but at least there is finally some movement here so I'll take it.....but I won't let up the pressure.  TWIN 63 NOW!!!

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