Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ron Bradley Is A Coward

I caught wind over the weekend to another follow up on the bru-ha-ha at the Edmonton Public School Board but wasn't able to get around blogging about it until this evening.  Sadly, the principal in question, Ron Bradley lacks the fortitude to stand by his own policy it seems as he has resigned his principalship and taken on another (thankfully) non-teaching position within the board.  You can read about the story in the Edmonton Sun and the Vancouver Sun.

The sad thing is that this moron (and trust me, this is one of the more polite words I can use) is now in a position of fostering future educational leadership.  Scary thought if he impresses on prospective new principals his myopic rosy view of the world.

No, Mr. Bradley, you are not a leader.  You tried to bully a very good teacher but when the other shoe dropped you couldn't even defend your own policy.  This is not leadership.  This is cowardice, pure and simple.  Part of leadership means when you screw up, you don't cut and run, you own up for your deficiency and make changes so it doesn't happen again.

Grow a spine.....own up....inspire.....LEAD.  I can see how in some ways this "no zero" policy is very appropriate for your situation.  This policy, like this principal are both completely useless and have no place in the real world.

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