Monday, October 29, 2012

Scatter Brained

I've been a wee bit scatter-brained as of late due to my crazy work schedule, hence the inconsistency of my posts.  I beg your indulgence for a few more days until I have time to write more coherently.  The ride in to work could be an interesting one as we had a bout of rather nasty weather this afternoon.  The east coast gets hurricane-force storms and the west coast gets earthquakes and tsunami warnings.  Here we get freaky blizzard-like conditions.

Oh, I knew we'd pick up a bit of snow today but I think caught a few people by surprise were the gusty winds that created a nasty little windchill and lowered visibility considerably.  At  least that was the case at work.  Working outdoors for 12 hours sure gives you a good appreciation and respect for the force of Mother Nature.  I remember thinking around 4:30pm that conditions were a bit nuts.  Certainly I've experienced weather like this before but just not this early in the season.  The winds have died down considerably now but I'm sure we'll have a good foot of snow on the ground in the morning.  Road conditions dictated that I didn't get home from work until around 9:15pm and shoveling the driveway at 10:30pm so my tenants could get their vehicles out in the morning was definitely a slice.

I can't wait for days off to roll around this coming Friday.  It gives me a chance to see what my house looks like when there is actually some daylight here rather than leaving and returning in the dark.  It will also give me a chance to enjoy looking out the windows at my bird feeders to see what shows up.  I've actually seen quite a bit this part year, remarkable given the amount of hours I've been working away from the house.  (I'll post a complete list for my 2012 birding season before year's end.)

I filled up my feeders on my last days off and now 2 of them are pretty much empty without me having had a chance to see anything.  So a day or two to do a little birding from the kitchen and living room windows would be nice.   On a positive note, I'm already looking forward to next year's Great Backyard Bird Count.  It's scheduled for February 15-18 and while I haven't had a chance yet to look that far forward into my work schedule, I'm hoping these dates fall on my days off since I was working the past couple of years.  Sure, I can still do it at work to some extent but it would be much more enjoyable from the comforts of home, naturally.

I had a few other random thoughts floating around in my head here but they seem to have escaped which I take as a sign that I should really head off to slumber here soon.

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