Monday, October 22, 2012

Sometimes I Get It Right

I'll admit I'm quite liking this whole home ownership thing.  I like being able to make changes and fix things up to suit my liking.  While my mind is full of ideas I must admit I'm not exactly a handyman but I think I've done pretty good so far.  With the long hours I worked this summer, most of my outdoor projects, like the gazebo, wine bar and Japanese garden didn't materialize as planned (keeping the grass cut and the weeds in check was a task in itself) but I suppose there's always next year.

One thing I do struggle with is color coordination and trying to visualize the end result.  It took me over an hour to decide what colour of bathroom flooring I wanted and I left the store still having not come to a firm decision.   A friend of mine had a pretty nice kitchen linoleum floor design which I think will work well so when I do get around to taking care of it, I'm pretty sure I'll go with that.  It certainly compliments the paint rather well.

Speaking of paint, the walls in the master bedroom had always been rather sterile so adding a little colour was on the radar as one of my winter projects.  Eventually I'd like to get rid of the grey carpet and go with hardwood so I was keen on finding something that would work well with a dark hardwood.  So I found myself at Home Hardware last Friday trying to visualize not only a wall colour but how it would look with a future floor.  Initially I decided on something called "sable" for the walls but thought it might be a bit dark.

Looking around the store I say a wall with a hue I thought looked rather nice and decided that heck, it just might work in the bedroom.  The two front-facing windows bring in enough light so that it wouldn't look too dark and gloomy.  So in the end, I went with this colour, which the according to the catalogue, was called "twine".

And wouldn't you know, I love it.  I painted a couple walls later that afternoon and yes, I did have one of those "oh God, what have I done?!"  moments, but once it dried a bit I must say I was rather impressed.  It certainly compliments the dark wood furniture of the room.

The lighting isn't the greatest as it was getting on in the day but here is one wall contrasted with another.

I still have to do a few touch up around the bedroom door and floor boards  and then do the other two walls but so far I like what I'm seeing.

I do have plans to replace a couple of big light fixtures in the upstairs bath and hall but I'm pretty sure I won't press my luck and will call an electrician instead.

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