Monday, October 1, 2012

Wrong Side of the River

I don't normally blog about my work, not only because the long work hours make for a tired brain by the end of the day but also because I figured most people wouldn't find it terribly interesting to read about.  Occasionally, things get interesting though and the unexpected (even the mildly embarrassing) happens.  Last Wednesday was one such time.

Last week, due to increase demands from the shut down, I was switched to a 12-hour shift rather than my usual 10.  The good thing, aside from the extra money, is that I catch an extra hour of sleep (theoretically).  Rather than catch the bus around 5:45am and work my usual 7am-5pm shift, I embark at 6:45am and work 8am to 8pm.

The tricky part I soon discovered, was that around 6:45am, two buses swing by my stop,  one goes to my regular drop off spot at Suncor.  The other, which arrives a few minutes prior to the first, also goes to Suncor, but heads the mine rather than the base plant.  Tuesday wasn't a problem, the following day, I momentarily lost track of time and bolted for the bus which I saw pulling up to the stop as I rounded the corner.  Yup....wrong bus.  Approaching from the rear of the bus at a full out run, I wasn't able to check the big sign at the front to make sure I got on the right one.  All I remember thinking was that I didn't want to be late for work.

My first clue I had screwed up was when it failed to make a couple stops at Suncor that my route usual makes.  And the kicker was coming down the hill at base plant and heading straight rather than turning left.  And over the river I went to the mine.   Part of me did think it was pretty neat  seeing as I had never been over there before but then of course I was thinking, "Getting back could be fun."

In any event, as soon as I was able to get off the bus, I made a quick call to my foreman and explained the situation.  A couple shuttle buses later and I managed to get where I needed to go.  As one of the more experienced workers at my immediate job site, my little adventure was a tad embarrassing but I was able to laugh it off.  At least its not as bad as taking the wrong bus and ending way the heck up at Aurora.  But hey, at least now I know where to find the Millenium Mine, Plant 86 and Assembly Point W.

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