Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grand Central Station And The Usual Suspects

Its been overcast here for most of the past week so I haven't been all that motivated to venture too far from the house on my days off. Fortunately, I only have to gaze out a window to do a little birding. So far, I've seen most of the usual suspects that frequent the house for this time of year. And they've been hanging around in larger groups and for longer than they normally seem to.

Blue Jays! I don't usually see them around the house that often, so seeing a couple was a treat.

Female Pine Grosbeak.  Last year I could count on seeing the odd one mixed in with a group of Evening Grosbeaks.  Perhaps it was a low spot in their breeding cycle as I've seen a great deal more here in the past couple days.

Bohemian Waxwing along with a crowd of House Sparrows.  The sparrows have been showing up in HUGE numbers no doubt attracted by the feeder I moved from the backyard to the front.

And speaking of the backyard, it was pretty empty today other than the odd Junco (and squirrel) that decided to take advantage of the lack of crowds in my front yard trees.

I'm still waiting for the Evening Grosbeaks and and Redpolls to turn up but for now all the usual suspects for the winter months have arrived at the station.

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