Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oil Barons Hockey

I was able to take in a hockey game last night after what seemed like an eternity. Sadly, even though the team had a stellar season last year I was never able to make it out to a game. I did my best to catch a playoff game but tickets were hard to come by and I knew my chances were about as good as the NDP taking every Alberta seat in a federal election. Yeah, not going to happen any time soon. Anyhow, the Oil Barons are in re-build mode after last season's success, having lost a number of veterans. That, plus a few sorely missed veterans out on the disabled list.  It wasn't their best effort but in this season of NHL lockouts, I'll take it. I'd still much rather watch a junior game here than travel down to Edmonton or Calgary even if there was a game to be had.

A little pre-game warm-up. There were actually quite a bit more empty seats than I expected although with the holiday season upon us I'm sure that had something to do with it.

And the evening's opponents, the Whitecourt Wolverines, a team formerly known as the St. Albert Steel before their re-location to Whitecourt at the end of last season.

I tend to focus on the goal tending, (mostly since my nephew is a goalie in a Junior C league back in Ontario) so while the game ended with a 6-3 victory for Whitecourt, both goalies were pretty brutal at times.  I'm sure my nephew could hold his own with many of these players but then I'm a pretty proud uncle.

All in all, not a bad effort and it was more evenly matched than the final score suggested.

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