Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals and Anticipations

I'm not really one to make New Years resolutions.  I guess I'm too much of a student of history to view things in small yearly durations, opting instead to look at broader sweeps of time.   But I do have a few broad goals in mind that I've been working on lately so I thought I'd share them here.

First off, I'm hoping to be able to work a little less this year (or at least until summer hits) and make more time for myself).  The nature of work being what it is here, its pretty easy to burn yourself out if you're not careful.  I'm not sure how many 18-day shifts I worked since last Spring but it was quite a few.  Add in several 12 hour days and it can be draining.  Long days I'm well-used to from my days in the reserves and army and sea cadets and even university and cold days of course I'm quite accustomed to after having spent 10+ years living in two territories and the northern portions of 3 provinces.  Still, while I like to think I have more gas in the tank than guys 20 years younger than me, a knowing when to tone things down and get your down time in is always a smart move.   Since I will only be working one out of the first 6 days of the calendar year I'd like to think I'm off to a good start on this front already.

The one big thing I am looking forward to this Spring (which ties into my first goal too), is some much anticipated time off in April.  I'm planning to head back to Ontario, which will be my first time leaving Alberta in almost 4 years, to see my son.  He'll be turning two in March and I haven't seen him for over a year.  Truthfully I think I spent too much time this past year beating myself up over the idea of being incapable of being a parent.  Lately I've come to realize sometimes the circumstances of life can put you in certain situations and while they may not be pleasant you push ahead and do what you can because ultimately it is my love for my son that guides me in many decisions that I make.

On another note, I've already started my birding list for 2013 and I hope to get to at least 40 species this year.  I'm thinking my planned trip to Ontario will help as I can get an early jump on some Spring birds.    The another goal is to make a little more head way on a long-planned for book.  I have journals going back to late 2000 and of course I've been blogging since 2006.  I do have some material written out that I try to add to when I can.  I actually started writing it all down right after graduating teachers college.  I wasn't even in the North and I was already writing about it.  But in my defense, I was 25 at the time and still had a young man's ego.  I've kept in a very safe place, it's just a matter of finding the time and discipline to get going on it.

Finally, without trying to give too much away or sounding too enigmatic, the coming year could see a  major change of direction for me.  A big opportunity that would be the fulfillment of a goal I've been pursuing for perhaps five years now could potentially come to fruition.  And if it doesn't it will be a great learning experience toward building up for when it does happen.  It all depends on how things pan out in the next 5-6 months and perhaps a wee bit of luck.

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