Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Black Hole of Ick

Today was supposed to be a quiet day  I had done all my running around yesterday.  Other than having an installer in this morning for a quote on a bathroom floor, I had no other plans.  (The installer was quick to tell me it would be up to me to get the toilet off and fix the squeaks in the floor before the new linoleum went in.)  It's been pretty quiet around the house lately with one tenant away and another working midnights.  I bumped into one of them this morning who offered to take me downtown to pick up a new toilet for the bathroom I've been slowly puttering away at.  At first I hedged but then I figured I might as well take him up on the offer and just get it taken care of.

I figured I'd haul off the old throne so I could finish painting the wall in behind.  That was when things got interesting.  To cut a long story short, we spent the better part of an hour getting it off.  Who knew something with just two bolts could be so challenging.  It was a tight squeeze to get down into the corner just to disconnect the water feed.  The bolts were also fun.  I'm sure the toilet, a big old clunker, has been sitting there since it was first installed when the house was built around 1981 or so.  The nuts were so rusted they pretty much disintegrated after a single tug with the vice-grips.  Scenes from that old Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit" danced through my head.  Getting the bolts out was fun, let's just say and in the end up. after a few bad words I used my tenants saws-all to fix that little problem.  We hauled off the old throne to reveal the "black hole of Ick".

Yes, it was pretty malodorous to say the least.  I was able to finish up some painting behind the toilet.  The old flooring had perhaps a 2 inch lip to it up the sides of a couple walls so I was able to cut some flooring away and get rid of the unpainted gap along the bottom.

The new toilet is much smaller and efficient and I'll get that put in right after the new floor goes down.  In the mean time, what to do with the old toilet?  So distracted were we with getting the darned bolts off that we failed to notice there was still quite a bit of water left in it.  Very carefully, we managed to get it out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out the front door....

....where it makes a very interesting lawn ornament at the moment.

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Lily said...

You could just leave there and use it as a planter in the summers ;)