Friday, January 25, 2013


With one more shift left to go before I head "into the field" at work, I had to take part of my morning off to outfit myself.  A tool belt is something I've never worn before....ever.  The closest I've ever come to having anything like this around my waist was the web belt I wore with my combats back when I was in the Reserves.  So I wasn't sure how I'd make out but in the end I didn't do too badly.

10" crescent wrench. Check.  16 oz hammer.  Check.  Tape measure. Check.  Level. Check.

The only challenging part was trying the thing on and making sure I could get all my tools I was buying to fit in properly.   In a crowded store aisle I had to look like I knew what I was doing in front of all that other Fort McMurray testosterone.    So onward I went, rather like a young female adolescent struggling into her first brassiere.  I think I did a good job at hiding my self-consciousness.

In the end, everything worked out.  I plane to take it in to work next week so I get accustomed to wearing it and then I'm sure it will feel like a second skin soon enough.

The best part of all was that, with a waistline most women would kill for, my fully-kitted belt didn't fall down to my ankles, dragging my jeans with it.....and I didn't need to cinch it up to the very last notch either.

Ah!  There's hope for me yet!


karen said...

I see your comments here and there and today I followed you over here. I started looking around and here is a post which starts to list tools. "Is he taking up scaffolding?" I asked myself, only to have that confirmed before the end of the post. I have never seen a scaffolding blogger! I am a carpenter and a scaffold instructor. How are you enjoying the work?

Way Way Up said...

Hi Karen, I haven't seen too many blogs written by tradespeople. It definitely shows a unique side to our community. As it turns out, I'm not going into the field or at least not yet. I'm sure it will happen eventually. I've spent a lot of time outdoors since leaving the confines of university so I'm quite used to it...and most days I do like the physical aspects of the job.