Friday, February 8, 2013

Belly of the Beast

While Eastern Canada is getting pummeled with snowy weather, I can say we've had our share of snow here this winter. Certainly, this is the most snow I've seen in my 4 winters out here. The mercury is due to creep up over the freezing mark in the coming days and while I'm grateful for a break from the intense cold we've experienced here of late, part of me can't help but wonder what kind of mess we'll have when all our snow starts to melt in the Spring.

I have quite the piles of snow piled up in the front yard here.  Fortunately, I'm pretty sure I have the biggest front yard on the street so I started out the winter season with plenty of space for piling snow, although now I'm starting to wonder just where I'll put it if we get much more.

Here is a shot from my bedroom window of the overhang from the roof.  The snow below isn't sitting on the lawn but it on top of the porch roof at my front door.   It gives me the feeling of staring out from the mouth of some large monster every time I peer out.

Here's a shot of the backyard (such as it is).  It's not exactly palatial but it is pretty private.  There's a fire pit somewhere under that big mound of snow to the bottom right.  I suspect I'll have quite the swampy mess back here when it all starts to melt since much of my backyard sits in the house's shadow for large parts of the day and it will take a lot of heat to melt and then evaporate everything.

Ever the optimist, though, as I said, it is nice to have some milder temperatures.  I'll definitely take it.  Perhaps a nice little wintry hike is in the plans for my days off here.

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