Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Wow, I've been a bad blogger the past little while.  It's not that I don't have anything to write about but more to do with deciding what to write and then getting it down on paper so to speak.  That, plus my brain is a bit mushy after work on some days.  I promise to have something more substantive soon (yes, I know I promised that LAST time....but this time I really, REALLY promise) so in the meantime, I give you a random run down of thoughts....

1.  I blogged about going to work "in the field" in a previous post, which is scaffolder-speak for heading down into the plant to work with a scaffolding crew rather than just yard work.  To my frustration, I was told last week this wasn't going to happen.  Without rehashing details its just politics I suppose.  But apparently, now I might be going afterall.  Hopefully, I'll learn details of this tomorrow.  So I was promised something, told it wouldn't happen, not really told why it wouldn't happen and then told that, hey, it might happen afterall.  Is there an election campaign going on at the moment?  Because it kind of feels just like that. ;)

2.  My bathroom floor gets installed this Friday if all goes according to plan.  I can't wait to have this done as it seems to have taken forever.  My very awesome tenant even took some time out of his busy day to sink a few screws into the floor to take out the worst of the squeaks.  My excitement over this tells me that I'm getting old.  I joke at work about how all the 20-somethings talk about how they are going to this pub, that club etc. and how awesome it will be while I get giddy over a new bathroom floor as the highlight of my weekend.  Ah, the trials and tribulations of home ownership.

3.  I've been expanding my musical listening lately and have found some great keyboard stuff by Telemann.  Yes, I know my musical taste is stuck in the 18th century.  Telemann was a contemporary of Bach which goes a long way to explaining his modern-day obscurity to most people.  Which is a shame, really, because he really did write some catchy melodies.

4.  We've had an ungodly amount of snow this year.  I'm not looking forward to cleaning up the yard when it all melts.

5.  I've discovered the ride home from work is a great opportunity to do some reading.  (I'm on a bus, not driving a car, I should add).  Other than Farley Mowat and Stephen King I've never really focused on the books of a single author, but for the past year and a bit, I've gotten heavily into books by the Welsh author Ken Follett.  It started out purely by accident when I discovered his book "Fall of Giants" which quickly led to other, including "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End".  I'm now on about my 10th book or so.  I was never really into James Bond-type thrillers and I do find his writing style a bit annoying at times BUT many of them are historically-based to varying degrees and he writes good suspense so I find them damned hard to put down.

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