Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oops, Wrong Address

Next month will mark 3 years since I've owned my house here and in that time I have to say the house has had a strange relationship with Canada Post.  Occasionally, I still have mail show up in my box addressed to the previous owner.  Of course, this has more to do with the actions of said previous owner than Canada Post but I still find it amusing.  I've had mail show up for the young couple that moved in next door to me last year and mail for a house one street over that shares the same house number but different street name.  Both street names do start with the same letter but one is an animal and the other shares a name with my alma mater.  I actually got so much mail for this place that I went for a walk one day just out of curiosity to see where this other place was and if it even existed. Turns out it does.   I'm not sure why my house seems to attract all this errant mail.

I only bring this up because of a funny little episode that happened today when I got home from work.  A note was left by a tenant saying that some guy was going to show up at the house in the early evening about his mail.  I thought this was weird because I hadn't received anything unusual in the past little while.  It all became clear when the guy came to my door.  He was new to the city, only just moved to a place on the other end of my street a few days ago.  Apparently a friend of his had mailed him a small parcel but he had given him my house number which was one digit off from his.  So could I please watch out for it and let him know when it arrives and I do apologize and feel rather sheepish yadda yadda yadda.  No worries I assured him.  If the parcel doesn't fit in the box my tenant who works nights will be home even though I'll be at work so, hey, not a problem.

Much relieved the man went on his way.  I had to chuckle, wondering how someone could screw up their own house number but I suppose these things do happen.  One last little quirk to the story.....this fellow and I shared the same first name and the first last initial.

I'll just file this one under "odd".

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