Saturday, March 2, 2013


I meant to do this post earlier in the week but just got a bit busy so here goes...

With Highway 63 as our only land link to the rest of the province it handles a lot of big loads heading to the many oil sands projects in our region.  I've lost track of the number of times I've encountered wide loads and other impressive and unusual objects making their way along the highway.  I can only imagine the logistics involved in getting some of those loads to their final destinations which is why I find the story of "Modzilla" fascinating.  What exactly is Modzilla?

About a week ago I starting hearing through the grapevine at work as well as an online forum about a ginormous load which would be making its way up Highway 63  from Edmonton.  It left last Monday and was due to hit city limits in the wee hours of Friday morning, though apparently it got delayed along the way and actually passed through here early this morning.  The load is reported to be twice the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool,  about 85 metres long, 11.5 metres high, 8.9 metres wide and weighing a mere 780 tonnes.

I entertained notions of heading out to see it (my inner 10-year-old came out in spades) but not knowing exactly when it would pass by the bottom of the hill here plus the fact my camera is lousy at night photography plus the reality that I did have to work this weekend made this impossible.  I have no idea exactly what this particular vessel was for, only that it was heading up to the project at Kearl Lake.  I'm hard-pressed to think of any other places in Canada where a motorist would encounter something like this while out for a drive.

While I wasn't able to see the vessel in person, I was able to come across some photos of the rig as it made its way up the highway, which you can find here.

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