Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rooftop Campout 2013

One of the things that impresses me about Fort McMurray is how generous the community is when it comes to supporting various charities. Its a little-known fact that on a per capita basis Fort McMurray residents have been the biggest supporters of organizations such at United Way for a number of years. Unfortunately, good things like this often get forgotten in the sea of ignorance and negativity that the city can get in the media.

When I heard a group of local firefighters (6 in all i believe) had been camping out on the rooftop of a local pub to raise money for local charities here I made a point of stopping by to say hello yesterday and make a donation, of course. The guys have spent a couple of chilly nights up there (it dropped into the minus teens last night and we picked up a centimetre or two of snow) and the event wraps up on Sunday.  I work outside, and while I've never done much in the way of cold weather camping, I definitely feel for them. Among the charities benefiting from their efforts here are the Fort McMurray Food Bank, Santas Anonymous, the Centre of Hope and the Boys and Girls Club of Fort McMurray. Added to the list this year is Powerchair Football.

A boot lowered down the side of the building was used to collect donations from passers-by and I heard on a local radio station that union local has thrown out a challenge to other unions to see which one can contribute the largest donation.

I imagine it was a cold night for them last night but they were in good spirits when I stopped by.  They enthusiastically obliged me a photo when I told them I'd give them a shout-out on my blog.

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