Monday, May 13, 2013

The Stereotype

(I intended to do this post some time ago but it just got lost in the shuffle.  Spring was late getting here this year so I haven't had the opportunity to get out and hit some trails as I had hoped and my birding list is woefully shorter than this time last year.  But with decent-looking weekend weather on the horizon I hope to make up for my shortfall of posts in the very near future.)

As with many stereotypes there is usually a grain of truth in there.  Since I think I've heard just about every stereotype out there about Fort McMurray in my short 3 years here, I thought it would be fun just to see how I stack up against some of those preconceived notions floating about out there.  Neither list runs to a nice neat "10" but I'll post this now in the interest of getting something up and dispelling rumours of my blogging demise.

How I fit the stereotype

1.  I work at site.
2.  I have a pick up truck in my driveway (although it belongs to one of my tenants.)
3.  I ride a big coach bus to work in the morning.
4.  I wasn't born in Fort McMurray.
5.  I own a lot of work boots (see this post for the shocking photographic proof.)
6.  I'm originally from what is often referred to as "back east".

How I don't fit the stereotype

1.  I don't live in someone's basement (though I occasionally wander down to my own to do laundry).
2.  I own my own home.
3.  I'm not originally from Newfoundland (though some of my relatives are).
4.  I didn't vote for the Conservatives in the last provincial election.
5.  I own a ridiculous amount of Classical music CD's (something in the neighborhood of 1100-1200....I forget the exact count).
6.  I don't own a truck with a lift kit (although my neighbor does).
7.  I've never been to Diggers (although I recall going to the Podollan Pub one night and my leaving there is a bit fuzzy).
8.  I've never been to Showgirls (no, seriously).
9.  I don't own a million dollar home.

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