Friday, June 14, 2013

Hoping for Stable Banks

Fortunately we aren't supposed to get as much rain this weekend as was originally forecast. Still, I found myself looking up at the sky today rather frequently as there were a few scattered dark clouds. I resisted the urge to head out today for some photos of the flooding as I'm sure they don't need random people running around with cameras down there. An emerging threat at the moment are the banks of the Hangingstone River itself. Bitumen oozes naturally out of the ground in this area and as you can tell from the photos below the river banks are already precipitous and unstable.  These two photos were taken last May during better times.

The concern now is that a large enough section of Beacon Hill along the south bank of the river could give way and fall into the river creating a dam and causing the already swollen river to divert into nearby homes.  This photo below show a portion of Beacon Hill (taken last year) upstream from one of the city's residential areas.

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