Saturday, July 6, 2013

Road Weirdness

I'm not sure if its the constant oscillation between sun and rain we've had the past few days or that its summer and some people's brains are in neutral but it seems like local overpasses have a bull-eye on them or something.  It seems that some distracted genius in a big truck misjudged the height of the Suncor overpass and made contact with it with his load this morning.  We had a similar incident earlier this year here in town as well.  I haven't really heard any more on this little oops but it did result in quite the traffic back up on the ride in to work.  There wasn't really much to see once my bus turned off there other than an RCMP vehicle and a couple other smaller vehicles and what looked like a load of material stacked on the shoulder but at any rate it meant an extra hour getting to site this morning (an hour for which I still got paid double-time being a weekend I happily note) and I'm sure it caused a few headaches for other drivers as well.

As if that wasn't bizarre enough, I caught word at work that someone was hauling what may have been a U-Haul trailer up the hill to Thickwood and the trailer somehow detached itself and rolled back down the hill. I work around a lot of trucks and trailers so I know what a mess a spilled load can make.  Again, I didn't see anything on the ride home and apparently no one was hurt which is always a good thing of course.

All a bit surreal and while I did chuckle a bit there is of course a serious side to all this.  Hopefully lessons are learned and more attention is paid in the future, especially with more people out on the roads  in summer season.

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