Monday, July 15, 2013

The Continuing Saga of the Confederation Overpass

There's quite a bit of back story here but essentially this spoof radio announcement pretty much sums up what I'm sure many commuters think about the ineptitude of Alberta Transportation.  The long-awaited Confederation overpass was opened last fall.  Things seemed to be improving.  But then, things just started to get goofy.  In a nutshell, it seems the government was in such a rush to show it was actually doing something to fix traffic flow here that it jumped the gun (by several months it would now seem) and opened an overpass before it was truly ready.

Frankly, I think our Transportation Minister, Ric McIver, (with our local MLA's in tow) should drive up here and be made to do several circuits from Highway 63 up the Confederation overpass, down Confederation Way in Timberlea, through Thickwood, then down the Thickwood overpass, back to 63 and then back up into Timberlea via the Confed overpass several times repeatedly until he clues in how much of a pain in the ass this all is.  Not that the average driver would just drive this circuit in a continuous loop but perhaps by doing this and hitting both overpasses repeatedly Genius McIver might get a message.

One can only hope.  In the meantime Mr. Minister, I think a village is missing its idiot.

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