Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Neil Young is a Moron

Okay, okay......I promise I took a deep breath and walked away from the laptop for several minutes before typing this post, but I have to admit I still can't get over the stupidity that is Neil Young.  Apparently, he was in town over the long weekend to tour our city.  But really, like many other celebs, he only came here to garner publicity for himself and spout off about the oilsands.  And I mean, that's fine, everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it.  But I really have to draw a line in the sand when the guy then goes ahead and spouts off about Fort McMurray itself.  According to media reports from the National Post, the CBC and others, he had the audacity to refer to Fort McMurray as a "wasteland" and compared the city to Hiroshima of all places.

You know, Neil, if you actually engaged your brain in something called "critical thinking" you'd realize that you can't conflate Fort McMurray with what happened to Hiroshima in 1945.  You truly are a disgusting human being if you are going to dishonour the memory of all those who died in a nuclear holocaust with Fort McMuray, Alberta.   There are veterans and Hiroshima survivors today who suffered unbearably so you could have the luxury of travelling up here and spew your retarded crap.  (Really, the clown thinks he can masquerade as some sort of expert on the industry and yet he was completely clueless about extraction techniques like SAGD, which is completely different from how the oilsands are extracted at sites north of the city.)  Neil, if you're going to pretend to know something, at least do your homework.   Obviously your tour didn't start with the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.  Had you gone there, you would have learned about this.  And its not like you can miss the place as its write on the main highway into the city.  Really, Neil, I'm one of those musical types too.  Reading music isn't all that different from reading a map in many ways.

Neil Young I have to call you out.  Come up to Fort McMurray, look me up and I'll show you a side to this city I promise you haven't seen before, a side you are obviously very ignorant about.  Fort McMurray is not a wasteland and in no way can it be compared to Hiroshima.  Neil, earlier this spring we had a flood here and people faced hardship, were you up here doing a benefit concert?  For that matter, did you go to High River and do a concert there?  The flooding they faced there was much worse.  Of course not, you only wanted to get some cheap publicity by using our city for your own selfish means.

(And since I'm on the subject of concerts anyway, its not like we really need you up here.  We've had much better performers up here in recent years anyway......Kiss, Bare Naked Ladies and Simple Plan to name three.)

Did you check out MacDonald Island while you were here?  Walk the Birchwood Trails? check out our heritage park?, check out a musical?  visit our college or a school playground?  get to know people here?  talk to anyone from any one of our many diverse groups here who came to this city from another country to make a better life?  I suspect you did none of these things and your ignorance truly shows.

Yes, Neil all the animals are dying.  Funny that.  A young bear wandered into my work area a couple weeks ago and it looked pretty alive to me.  As did the deer, foxes, wolves, coyotes, moose, buffalo and all the other large animals I've seen here.  The "Indians", as you mistakenly call them are all dying?  I work with many First Nations people and even one of my tenants is Dene.  They all look pretty healthy to me.  Should all just "go back to the rez and forego the opportunity of a better life? Honestly, where DID you get your information from?  What the hell are you smoking?

Please don't spout nonsense about my city.  Really, when you're originally from Toronto, you should be among the LAST to do so.  Air quality advisories in the summer, beach closures, cars galore (using oil and gas too, I would presume).  Give me a break.

I really think you should stick to writing and singing songs (not that I listen to that noise) because believe you hypocritical hippy, you know are no expert on the oil sands and you know absolutely nothing about the place I call home.


Unkle B said...

Just another American with their head up their arses and really don't have a clue what is going on in the world. Does what he has to say really matter?

Way Way Up said...

Apparently our local rock station declared Wednesday a "No Neil" day and there is talk of extending the ban. Ironically this good now lives in LA....home of a gasoline-burning car culture (and accompanying smog) if there ever was one.

Dave @ Around Anchorage, Alaska said...

He'll never change. Being originally from the south, i know Neil see's what he wants and tells you what he wants. Good rant, but don't waste your time on him.