Friday, October 25, 2013

Does Mike Allen Wonder Why People Don't Vote? I think I may know why.....

Back in the spring I wrote a post about one of our local MLA's here. The guy is foolish enough to go to Minnesota on government business and get caught up in a prostitution sting. Yeah, big oops. Being a politician, he gave the appearance of doing the right thing (after he was caught, naturally) by resigning from the Tory caucus the next day. With an upcoming trial (which has now seen a delay from September until next month) I was hopeful he'd do the right thing and resign his seat as well.

So much for that.  Sure, he's not my MLA as he represents the other half of Fort McMurray, but still, give me a break.  Am I happy about it?  Not in the least.  Apparently, he made the decision to stay on after "many hours in private and public meetings," to quote the CBC story.  I find that remarkable as I do my best to stay tuned in to politics here and haven't heard of too many such meetings.  Private meetings, now I can understand since I'm not part of Allan's private little club.  (Ya, big loss, I know.)  Now, public meetings I'm not so sure but of course all politicians tend to say the same things..... cue Mayor Quimby a la Simpsons here......."After many close discussions with family, friends and associates, and many a sleepless night, I have decided to stay on as MLA despite betraying your trust by traveling to a foreign country and breaking the law."

Now, that's only on the provincial level.  What many people may not realize and what I'm still trying to wrap my head around is all the nonsense that went on before he was elected.  You see, Allan, before becoming an MLA was a on city council here.  He was one of those geniuses that decided that putting a massive 7000-seat arena in our downtown core would be a genius idea.  Sure there's no parking and traffic is already a hey let's add to it, shall we?  Anyhow, construction of said arena involved the city expropriating a number of downtown businesses, one of them being the Oil Can.

Now, wouldn't you know, Allen also had a business on this block, the long-standing Campbell's Music.  At the time I first heard of the expropriations I recall thinking to myself, well surely, they can't be tearing down the whole block.  Campbell's Music is owned by a local MLA.  It just seemed weird.  It's been in business for something like 40 years.  What's going on?

Apparently, Campbell's Music, at least the building it now occupies, is slated for the wrecking ball.  BUT, the business is moving.  But where?  It just so happens it's being moved into another building that the municipality purchased and is now renovating on the public dime.  I even walked right by the place myself earlier this week.    Is it just me or is this crazy??

I guess if you're a struggling business owner in Ontario you can come out here, get on council, make a sweet deal and get a place for you business at a low rental rate.   And if it's a dive, don't worry, the tax payer will pay for your renovations.

But I digress here.  I'm open to the fact that there is more going on that I know and information I'm not privy to.  However, from the way I see it, this whole situation just looks bizarre.  Perhaps this is all hunky-dory on a legal level but really, come on.  Even the mere appearance of something untoward should be avoided.

I was disappointed to hear that voter turnout in our recent municipal election was 20%.  But in light of events I'm not surprised.  I wonder if Mike Allen has asked himself why people don't seem to vote?  I couldn't imagine why.

Forgive me for being all over the place in this post but really, Mike Allen needs to go.  You are a joke, sir.  You DO NOT represent me and you DO NOT represent the community I live in no matter how much you think you may think otherwise.  I'm a bit of a musician myself and I know there are some good music stores down in Edmonton.  And I don't mind the trip.

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