Friday, January 31, 2014

Arctic Bay Promo

This post actually has nothing to do with Fort McMurray or even Alberta, but I felt compelled to do it anyway after seeing an amazing video promo of one of the communities in Nunavut where I was privileged to live  prior to moving out here.  It was created by InMotion, based out of Ottawa and posted on Facebook by Clare Kines, current Economic Development Officer in Arctic Bay.   Truly a magical place.

For me it was definitely a treat to see a professionally-done video about a place I woke up in almost every morning for 4 years.  I instantly recognized the mountain I climbed a handful of times, the bay I would race across on my skidoo at (sometimes) breakneck speeds....even the first house I lived in there makes an appearance.....and of course a number of faces I recognized.  Great memories that will always stay with me.

Click here and prepared to be amazed.

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