Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Race To The Bottom Continues for Northland School Division

Since I haven't mentioned it in quite some time, I thought I'd touch base with an a former employer of mine to see how things were coming about.  As school boards go, one can certainly do better than to send your child to Alberta's Northland School Division. As it turns out, not a lot has changed among the enlightened geniuses in the offices over in Peace River. If anything, things seem to have gotten worse for the inept Northland School Division.  With luck these continual consultations and review processes will result in what the Minister of Education should have done in the first place....disband the board, much like putting a feeble horse out of its misery.

My guess is that this will eventually happen.  Of course government by its very nature, moves at glacial speed.  You really can't fix stupid.  It goes way beyond funding levels.  The only real silver lining I can pull out of this mess is that, while the board's superintendent hails from my home province of Ontario (which when I was teaching, was a bit of an embarrassment) at least she is here and not not back east, buggering up my own son's education.

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