Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 And In Transition

I was tagged in a little Facebook meme by an old school mate and thought I'd do an extended post here.  Essentially it's a trip down memory lane as I have to think back to when I was 25 and share a few things about my life then.  As it turns out, it was a good age to be randomly assigned since that was a pretty big year in my life with many changes.

At age 25 I had been living more or less on a permanent basis in Windsor, Ontario.  I was finishing up my Bachelor of Education degree there.  I had been a reservist with the Windsor Regiment for the past 18 months or so before moving away from there and taking a student job stocking shelves at an independent grocer while completing my degree.  I didn't drive but found my way around the city pretty good on the transit system.  But really, I was a student.  Where was I going to head off to to spend money?

In August of that year I accepted a teaching position at the high school in Fort Smith, NT.  Moving from Canada's largest southern city to north of the 60th parallel was a big transition but really it was just continuation of my way of showing my individuality and adaptivity.  I adapted well and didn't freeze to death during a long northern winter at least.  It was a tough work year but I managed it and still keep in touch with people I met there after almost 15 years.  I did a great deal of fishing and hiking that year and explored Wood Buffalo National Park.  While I was only there a year it was a very formative year for me in many ways.  I've really bought into the notion of history being circular but do find it interesting that in the intervening years since I lived there I've moved many times and almost done a complete circle geographically as I spent a few years back east and now live a mere 500km south of Fort Smith.  Perhaps in another 10 years or so I'll find myself right back there.

Today, I'm 39.  I live in Fort McMurray (apparently I like forts).  I no longer rent now and have my own ball and chain.....I mean mortgage, er....I mean a pretty comfy place.  By no means a mansion but it keeps the rain off my head.  I also have a cat who seems to think I'm her staff for some strange reason.  I'm still essentially an introvert though I'm not as naive about the world as I was at 25.  I've made poor choices and bad decisions in the interim.  Life can be tough and you get banged around a bit but you get up push on.  I'm not always enamoured with my job but I know I won't be doing it forever and there are many I work with who don't have that luxury.  I have a son who is almost 3 who I don't see as often as I wish but life can be tough at times and I own up for the mistakes I've made.

I still enjoy a good hike and took up bird watching about 5 years ago.  I used to blog quite a bit but have slowed down in the last couple years.  I have hopes of returning to Windsor to complete a Masters degree in History and have hopes of perhaps getting into university teaching or research in the future....and if that doesn't pan out, I've been doing a great deal of research into one day operating my own bed and breakfast or turning my extensive blogging and 5-odd years worth of journaling into a book of some sort about all my northern adventures I've had since I turned 25.  It's been an interesting journey so far.

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Interesting read, Darcy!