Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Redford Resigns

It just seemed like it would be an interesting day this morning when I left for work.  And it was....the first day of a new shift, a pleasant discovery of a recording of all 6 of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos by I Barrochisti, a nice spring dump of snow continuing on as I type this, a mere few hours before the (supposedly) first day of Spring.  But the biggest surprise of the day was undoubtedly the news of the resignation of Premier Allison Redford.

Now without being too partisan here, I can say I'm not particularly surprised or upset.  I had a feeling it might come to this what with the recent caucus defections.  I did think she would have hung on a bit longer as politicians tend to be a bit blind to the writing on the wall.  I don't follow provincial politics that closely.  I'm no die hard.  But the last few months have been like watching a slow train wreck so it has caught my attention from time to time.  Part of me wonders why this region keeps putting Tories in office given that our last MLA was booted out of the party and finished up his tenure as an independent and one of our current MLA's also left the party to sit as an Independent after getting caught with his pants down in the US.  (Literally, the guy was busted for soliciting two undercover officers for sex while on a government trip last summer).  At any rate, it is what it is.  After 40 years in power, the PC's here were in danger of becoming stale.  And while they did make attempts to re-invent themselves during the 2012 election campaign, it seems they were never able to shake their arrogance and sense of entitlement that often comes with too many years in power.

Cuts to post-secondary education, drastic changes to pension plans, questionable spending practices, anti-labour legislation and a seemingly endless barrage of flights to the US, South Africa, Europe and God knows where else only succeeded in alienating her more moderate supporters.  Supporters who would likely have continued to vote Tory if only to ward off the even more right-wing Wildrose Party.

I assume Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk will take over the reigns and try to keep the party from imploding while a new leader is chosen.  Here's hoping that, in the meantime, the party does a good deal of soul-searching and remembers not only why they are in power but also WHO put them there.

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