Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Family Re-united and a Stereotype Smashed.

Let's be honest.  Teenagers probably have to be the most stereotyped group out there.  They're lazy.  They're ignorant.  They bitch and complain.  They vandalize.  They think they know everything.  I spent the better part of a decade working with young people in various roles so I think I've heard and seen a lot.  I won't say everything because there are always surprises.  How many times have you passed a group of teens on the street and just thought "ya, up to no good."?  I'll raise my hand.  I admit I've done that myself.

Which is why I found the story of a group of Quebec teens who took it upon themselves to take action and rescue a days-old infant from a would-be kidnapper so refreshing.  Rather than simply seeing a photo on social media and thinking "oh, how sad", they took action.  It's great to see these kids busting stereotypes, although really that should be on us as adults to do that.  How quickly we can be to judge.

At any rate....Sharelle, Marc-Andre, Charlene and Melizanne, YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING AWESOME!  And seriously, if I'm ever in Quebec, the meal's on me!

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