Monday, July 7, 2014

Tory, Tory Same Old Story....The Return Of Mike Allen

When I first caught word that beleaguered MLA Mike Allen had been allowed back into the Tory caucus I thought someone must have surely imbibed a bit much over the weekend.  But, no.  There it was in black in white as I began to peruse media sources.  My shock turned to disbelief and then anger, quite frankly.  I'm still stunned as I try to make sense of it all and I've had to step away from my keyboard several times here in order to get something coherent down on paper, or screen as it where.

When I learned prior to the last provincial election that our city would get a second MLA do to some electoral boundary tinkering I was quite pleased.  The city has grown, and continues to grow, and its important that this growth be reflected in the legislature.  What I didn't realize at the time though was just how much of a double-edged sword this would be.  Thankfully, as it turned out, Mike Allen is not in my particular riding here, but he still represents our community as the riding of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo covers that part of Fort McMurray not included in Fort McMurray-Conklin.

If you recall, Allen was arrested on a government junket about a year ago in Minnesota, where he attempted to solicit sexual services from two ladies who just happened to be undercover cops.  Oops.  Anyhow, after seeing his trial delayed a few times, Allen was finally found guilty of solicitation late last year and fined $500.   The guy actually got off pretty easy as he was facing the real possibility of jail time.   Rightfully, then Premier Allison Redford gave Allen the boot from the PC caucus, one of the few things I actually agreed on with her.  Rather than do the honourable thing and step down, Allen decided to hang around as an Independent.  Always nice to have your community represented in part by a useless Opposition MLA.

And now Mike Allen is back, welcomed with open arms into the Tory fold.  Will the government do the right things and make pubic which MLA's voted to have this misogynist pig back as a caucus member? It would be the right thing to do of course.  But then again, politicians are a self-serving bunch.  Having THAT information floating about would surely put one hell of a dent the re-election chances of whoever was foolish enough to vote the goof back in.   This government never ceases to amaze.  It's like they have some sort of competition to see just how low they can set the bar before voters finally tire of all their bullshit and choose to get rid of the whole rotten bunch.

Consider this a warning shot of sorts.  Mike Allen certainly does not represent me and he does not represent my community.  To the government, stop treating us like bloody children.  What are the results of this recent vote?  Why do you feel the citizens of this community and this province should not be aware of how our MLA's voted?  I for one would love to know.  We're adult.  We can handle the truth.

Something is very wrong in society when a politician can pull this kind of nonsense and essentially get a free pass.  I for one, am sick and tired of the excuses.  We have issues here in this community and we certainly do not need this issue taking up the time and space.  Enough, Mr. Allen. Your antics grow tiresome.

Please grow a brain, Mike.  Use your head.  NO, not THAT head.  THAT one got you in this mess in the first place.  Use your OTHER head.  Resign and end this circus.  That is all.


Rocker85 said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and generally enjoy it. But I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed with your attitude in this one. Not only do I believe that it's absolutley none our business what a politician does with his or her personal life but I'm completely amazed that a supposedly democratic government, in this day and age, can dictate how and in which way consenting adults can have sex. Just imagine - jail time! for having sexual relations with a willing partner just because there happened to be cash involved. If you're going to be outraged at a politician, why don't you try focusing your anger on those moralists who wish to govern how we live our personal lives.

Way Way Up said...

There are many problems here. Allen was on government business when this occurred. As an MLA he is a representative of Albertans. This type of behaviour is illegal in the US regardless of what one thinks of it. To say that his behaviour is embarrassing to Albertans and to the community of Fort McMurray is putting it mildly. I'm not sure that an already scandal-plagued government can afford more bad publicity either. He is a government representative and as such is held to a higher standard. Some may think this is unfair but that's the nature of leadership.