Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Golden Buffalo and Shell Place

A potential new development and developments just completed have caught my attention in the past few days here but I have only had time to sit down to write about them now.  This new signature building, now in the permit stage, could grace our downtown skyline in the future.  It's encouraging to see movement afoot when it comes to downtown revitalization, and while one single project can't be expected to take the full burden of renewal, this appears to be a step in the direction, given the mess that our last city council created on this front.

Aside from giving us a better skyline (which currently consists of a short brown government building and two 1970's concrete apartment buildings) the new project will provide much-needed retail and hotel space in our downtown core.  I also like the idea that this will lead to some of the big players in the oil sands having their offices here, rather than down in Calgary.

The second big development, now pretty much finished to my knowledge is Shell Place, the new stadium down at MacDonald Island.  It's been some time since I've past by it (with all the big equipment and fencing, there really wasn't all the much to see) but I look forward very much to seeing it in the near future.  This new facility will play host to the Northern Kick Off in 2015.  (Yup, CFL action right here in Fort McMurray.)  In addition, Shell Place will also play a leading role in the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games coming here next August.

And of course, since we are on the topic of new projects, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that all these athletes and visitors (along with other travelers to our region) will be arriving here through our recently revamped INTERNATIONAL airport.  An interesting year ahead is shaping up for the region.

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