Friday, January 16, 2015

Say What?

When I first read the tripe of Edmonton police chief Ron Knecht regarding my community as a source of terrorism funding, I rolled my eyes and probably uttered an expletive (sorry mom).  I've grown used to the so-called "experts" out there spouting off about the region.  The vast majority of this tripe isn't based on fact but since I can't obviously respond to every piece out there I've learned to grow selective in what I respond to.  This latest nonsense though is so irresponsible that I can't let it pass.  Apparently, Fort McMurray is a hot bed  for terrorism.   At least according to the Edmonton Police Chief.

Give me a break, Chief Knecht.  Perhaps you should look in your own backyard first.  To insinuate that somehow this is a problem specific to Fort McMurray is absolutely ridiculous.  In case you haven't noticed, oil has been sliding for several weeks now. There are no hockey sacks full of money to be found.  And yes, I know you may have had the Ottawa shooting suspect in mind but one outlier doesn't prove a case for a rampant problem. And when pressed for a solid number by Global News, Knecht waffled.  "There's no way of telling.  We know there's some but there's no way of putting that down to a number."  The man should be a politician.  So there MIGHT be a problem.  We're not sure of exact numbers but regardless we think there could be.  Um, okay.

Of course all reports of home grown terrorists heading abroad out of this province at least, have come out of of either Edmonton or Calgary.  If there were any reports of individuals coming from our region, the Chief is silent.

Oh, and by the way. our international airport has exactly ZERO flights to either Europe or the Middle East.  As a matter of fact, the closest international airport with flights to Europe happens to be in....well, Edmonton.  Oops.  If Knecht is worried about security checks.  Well HE'S the police for crying out loud.  Don't blame my community because you are unable to do your job, Chief.   This is a national issue, Mr. Knecht.  It certainly isn't limited to one community and to hint otherwise is highly irresponsible.  Our community faces enough challenges ahead with falling oil prices.  There is no need to add to this with fear-mongering, finger pointing and vacuous thinking.

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