Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don Scott: The Wrong Choice for Fort McMurray-Conklin

As I suspected, Don Scott and the PC machine are getting desperate.  Clearly it isn't business as usual.  He is being forced to defend his first term but many long-time PC supporters are giving up on him. So desperate, in fact, that Scott's only play seems to be to attack his Wildrose and NDP opposition  Forced to defend a budget that is clearly unpopular with Albertans, Scott accuses Wildrose leader and local candidate, Brian Jean of showing a lack of leadership.  Mr. Scott, were you showing leadership when you spent over $24,000 on a government trip to Poland?  Why don't you show leadership and apologize for wasting our tax dollars?

Mr. Scott, I have another question for you.  Last July your fellow MLA Mike Allen from Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo was allowed back in to the PC caucus via secret ballot after being booted out following a prostitution charge while on government business in Minnesota.  How did you vote?  Why won't you tell us?  Why do you feel your constituents, and indeed, all Albertans, don't need to know this?

Mr. Scott, as you know, Highway 63 is still not completed.  This despite umpteen updates, press conferences and further promises.  Why do you keep holding press conferences and announcing the same project over and over again?  This has been on-going since 2006. How is this leadership?

Mr. Scott, earlier this week I listened in to your telephone town hall as you stumbled and bumbled all over yourself pushing you government's budget to fix a mess that was created...BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT?  Is this the leadership you seem to want to tout?  In your closing remarks you stated that your constituents didn't need "lies and empty promises"?  Can you explain why your actions seem to suggest otherwise?

You seem to be fond of spouting that Jim Prentice  managed to complete the land transfer for Willow Square a mere 100 days after taking office.  You left out the part about how this has been an on-going issue.  You were a minister under Allison Redford.  Why wasn't it done then?

Mr. Scott, why didn't you fight for Fort Murray when Redford hiked our taxes in 2013?  Did you need that money to pay for your trip to Poland?

Why did your party call a reported $23 million dollar election when it wrote the law that the election should be held next year?

Why did it take 43 years to come up with your 10 year plan?  As your leader said himself, math must be hard.  Can you explain why your party flip flopped on this 10 year plan just a few days in to the election?  Why over the course of the decade-long economic boom did you not put any money into the Heritage Fund?

Mr. Scott, I could go on and on.  As I said earlier, it's clear that you don't have a plan and that you will take the next 6 days to attack others rather than answer some fundamental questions about trust and good fiscal management.  Please spare me whole "we are under new leadership with Jim Prentice" spiel.  It's old and clearly not working.  The truth is that your party doesn't get to hit the "reset" button simply because we have a new schmuck in the Premier's chair.  You are still accountable for all the nonsense that occurred under Redford and as well as earlier.

I can understand why you want to campaign solely releasing federal land and the twinning of Highway 63.  Really, it's all you have to go on.

Don Scott....clearly the WRONG CHOICE for Fort McMurray-Conklin.

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