Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mike Allen: The Wrong Choice for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo

Shortly before the 2012 election, we saw the creation of two new ridings here in response to our region's growing population.  Fort McMurray and the surrounding municipality of Wood Buffalo was split creating the new ridings of Fort McMurray-Conklin and Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo.  It was supposed to give Fort McMurray greater clout in Edmonton.  Unfortunately, 2012 saw the election of Mike Allen under the PC banner in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo.  It started off well enough, I suppose with Allen being appointed as a special advisor to the Transportation Minister on Highway 63, a long-standing issue in this riding.  After that is was all downhill.

Allen was busted for soliciting prostitutes while on government business in Minnesota, a charge to which he subsequently  plead guilty. He was banished to sit as an Independent and  a plethora of highway "updates" and media circuses on the highway issue followed.  Allen was eventually allowed back in to the PC caucus by then premier Redford after a secret vote.  To this day, the Premier, or any PC MLA for that matter has yet to inform Albertans how they voted.

For this reason alone, Allen is undeserving of a second term.  What is even more ridiculous is Jim Prentice's  pathetic defence of him.  Essentially, in PC Land if you break the law of a foreign country but admit to it, you're A-OK in Jim's view.

Allen isn't in my riding.  However, he still represents my community and by extension, all Albertans.  Many of the questions I posed in my last post in regard to Don Scott can just as easily be asked of Mike Allen.  Why should we trust you, Mike?  Were there other times you pulled a stunt like this and didn't get caught?  If so, how many times?

Mr. Allen, you're a business owner.  If an employee stole from you or damaged your business or its reputation, would you keep them on?  What if they admitted their wrong-doing?  Would you keep them on staff still?  Presumably you would because this is essentially the defense that Prentice is using for you.

Mr. Allen, if re-elected can you tell us when you will be introducing legislation to ensure that those MLA's who plead guilty to an offense are not eligible to hold elected office?  Mr. Allen, trust and integrity are important to me.  Really, if I'm going to have someone represent my views and make decisions with my money I'm sure you would agree with me on that, no?  But you've proven conclusively, that you can't be trusted and have no integrity.  No amount of sorry excuses and bumbling apologies can change that.  Fortunately for you, I cannot vote either for or against you as I don't live in your riding.  However, I trust that the good people of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo will judge your suitability for elected office accordingly.  You've been tried, Mr. Allen.  And you've been found wanting.

Mike Allen...perhaps a popular choice for the "ladies of the night" of Minneapolis-St. Paul but definitely the WRONG choice for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo.

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