Friday, April 24, 2015

Mr. Scott Needs A Dictionary

You know a government is in trouble when it needs a Minister of Accountability, Transparency and Transformation.  Really, shouldn't these be things a government should strive for anyway?  But no. Apparently in Alberta we need an entire bureaucracy to monitor the integrity of all its other bureaucracies.  It's also apparent that our own MLA, Don Scott, wasn't following the Premier's "look in the mirror" advice, when, as associate minister for accountability, transparency and transformation, he took a rather pricey jaunt to Poland.  I think Mr. Scott really needs a dictionary to look up "accountability"  I would suggest he look up "irony" as well.

$24,100 for a trip to Poland?  Seriously?  And for what, exactly?  MLA never communicated that to his constituents.  At least that I'm aware.  The only real communication I've received from his office was a flier a few days ago asking me to re-elect him.  Come on.  Are you kidding me?  And this is the same guy who recently chided local candidate and Wildrose Leader Brian Jean to practice what he preaches when it comes to fiscal responsibility.  I appreciate the fact that we live in a northern riding with far-flung communities and that travel in the north isn't cheap.  I spent 10 years living in isolated communities throughout the north, including 6 years in Nunavut, so I understand how his costs for travel to and around the riding can be expected to be a bit higher than if he lived in say, Edmonton-Centre or even one of the Grande Prairie ridings.   But 24k for ONE trip?  Are you serious?  The bottom line is that this is an inexcusable expense.  Especially when he outspent his counterparts from THREE other provinces COMBINED on the exact same trip.  Scott's claim that he followed the government's guidelines for expenses is laughable given the fiscal mess find ourselves mired in at the moment.

There's no reason in my mind for provincial politicians to be embarking on these international junkets.  NONE.  We have a federal government to represent our interests on the international stage.  It rankles me that we have a government who embarks on expensive overseas trips and then is part of a government who then turns around and then milks the taxpayer with 59 tax increases.  This garbage has to stop.

And it will stop, Mr. Scott.  In less than two weeks, this accountability thing is going to come back to bite you.  You will be held to account on election day.

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