Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Politicians and School VP's Behaving Badly

When I saw a headline about Premier Prentice trying to defend the actions of yet another of his hapless MLA's, I knew just knew that this one had to do with one of our local clowns.  Like a bad hangover, Minnesota Mike keeps hanging around.  It really is ridiculous that  Prentice tries to defend him.  I'm not sure what part about how 3-Way Mike broke the law of a foreign country can be defended.  I guess in Prentice's fantasy land, if you're a PC you can do as you please as long as you fess up to it afterwards.  Pathetic.

All this has led to the PC's (rightfully) getting walloped in the polls.   So much so that some polls are even hinting at the possibility of an NDP minority government.  While I'm not fan of the NDP and don't see them winning either local riding, I must admit that an NDP government would make for an interesting dynamic in Edmonton.  At the very least, no one would be able to say Alberta politics is predictable and boring, I suppose.

Anyhow, possibilities of a new government lead in the past couple days led to me getting involved in a lot of political discussion, the majority of it surprisingly civil.  And then one die hard had to get involved and said a few choice words to me that I find disappointing.  Disappointing because this individual turns out to be a local school vice principal.  And hey, I love a good debate, but resorting to vulgar language while touting your university education doesn't sit well with me.  I don't care if this fellow has a degree in politics.  I studied a great deal of political history as well so I can hold my own.

To make things worse.  He then tried to justify his choice of words by stating that they aren't really considered vulgar to him.  Yes, we have a vice-principal here who evidently thinks that calling a person a "prick" isn't considered inappropriate.  Being the nice guy that I am though I did ask him if he felt the school board would agree with him and then emailed the board.  I know for a fact that school officials are expected to maintain a certain level of decorum and this extends to online activities as well.  Now, I won't name the individual involved or the school because I'm a nice guy but suffice it to say the email I reply I received back from Fort McMurray Public Schools wasn't exactly impressed with this man's behaviour.  The guy's assurances to me that well, he doesn't act that way while around students just didn't sit well with me.  But apparently, according to him, acting that way toward adults (adults who pay this clowns salary) is acceptable.  And of course, lacking the conviction to stand by his words, as such people often do, he then proceeded to delete all of his comments from the thread.  I'm assuming the board acted quickly to put the man in his place and I am glad for it as I received a very contrite response from the individual in question later that afternoon.

Why these types of people think they can say and act the way they do and expect and nice cushy public salary along with a pension that my parents and many other people would love to have, is beyond me.  At the very least, one of them got a good shake yesterday and, if the polls are any indication, the other one should expect a good thrashing early next week.

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