Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My latest book is one that I've been wanting to get hold of for quite some time now.  It's probably the one book that I've been aware of for the longest but haven't had a chance to read.  It will also be one of the first books I've read in translation in quite awhile as my knowledge of Serbo-Croatian is slim to none.

I first became aware of "The Bridge on the Drina" back during my university days.  The conflict in the former Yugoslavia was winding down and it was a part of the world I became intensely interested, partly because of a course I took on international relations and partly because a couple uncles of mine were there as part of the effort to put the region back to together again.  After all these years of wanting to get my hands on in and not wanting to travel down to Edmonton to look for it, I decided to order a copy online instead.  I'm glad I did.

The Sokolovic Bridge is the bridge this novel revolves around and it's on my ever-expanding list of places to see.  For now though, I'll content myself with delving into Andric's book.  I don't read alot of fiction but I'll never turn down a little historical epic like this Pulitzer Prize-winning gem.  A nice little summer read.

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