Friday, May 22, 2015

Deborah Drever Does A Disservice

I honestly did have another post in mind for the evening here and I will get to that shortly but what I had in mind was a bit more time sensitive and speaks to an issue I feel strongly about.  While I initially fumed silently about the childish nonsense surrounding a recently elected Albertan politician I can't stay silent any longer.

I am of course referring to recently elected NDP MLA Deborah Drever and the number of questionable, ridiculous and downright inappropriate social media posts that have come to light since election day.  From fingering our flag to marijuana t-shirts to misogynist album cover photos to stupid homophobic remarks it seems that each social media post was a sad attempt to outdo the sheer stupidity of the preceding one.

With what seemed like glacial speed, Premier-elect Notley had finally had enough and announced today that she had suspended Drever from the NDP caucus.  While I applaud this move I do question why Notley waited so long to take this step.  Honestly, if we wanted this kind of circus Albertans would have just kept the bums we had before.  Personally if it was up to me I would have expelled her. We really don't need this type of person representing us.  Certainly she doesn't speak for or represent me.    For a party that claims to support women and LGBT issues and loves to shoot its mouth off about how other parties aren't as "enlightened" as they feel they are, I find this all very strange.

I can only imagine a hypothetical committee meeting on women's issues involving Drever, Ric McIver and the recently defeated "Minnesota" Mike.  Now THAT would have been awkward.

I am curious though, Premier Notley....what if that album cover had involved a MALE MLA in some fashion?  Would you have waited this long and reacted in the same way?

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