Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Most Welcome Side-Effect

A nice thing about my weekend stroll to along the Clearwater River to visit the marine museum was discovering its potential as an area for bird-watching.  I'm not sure why I've overlooked this shoreline until now.  The river does parallel a busy road but it was weekend traffic when I was down there so I didn't find it too bad.  It's a bit scruffy and overgrown and I believe there are future plans to turn this in to a more park-like setting.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was on my way to a new museum and I had a couple other errands to run to I didn't spend too much time doing any serious bird-watching.  I DID however, get a good view of a White-crowned sparrow which I was able to add to my birding list for the year.  White-crowns are interesting to me as I do generally record where my sighting are made and while I don't see them very often (usually just a single sighting a year), they seem to pop up in random places around town when I least expect it.....very unlike the ubiquitous House Sparrow or Chipping Sparrow.  My first ever sighting here was in my own backyard, followed by no sightings the next year followed by a random sighting along a Thickwood trail least year and now this one.

This little guy showed up at an opportune moment as it now means that my 2015 birding list has now surpassed my 2014 list and also tied my 2013 list and I still have half a year to go!

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