Friday, August 21, 2015


Normally I wouldn't go camera crazy with Grackles, much less blog about them.  They're fairly common here during the summer months and really, I've seen so many that I tend not to notice them, opting instead for my waxwings, a colourful warbler or a busy woodpecker.  They tend to blend in to the background.   What I have found impressive the past few days though, is the sheer number that are showing up in my yard lately.  At one point earlier this week there were perhaps 30 at any one time, which is by the most of any single species that have graced my yard.  

One of my feeders was knocked down during a feeding frenzy, scattering bird seed all over the place, but at least these guys cleaned it up well.  

The cat, who will usually sit at the window watching the smaller birds as they feed, was nowhere to be seen.  All in all, it was all a bit surreal.  Nature never ceases to fascinate me.

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