Friday, August 14, 2015

Positive Words and a Retraction

After a recent "letter to the editor" hurled some misplaced criticisms toward our community, it was refreshing to sit after a long day's work and see some well-thought-out responses and that the original letter writer had retracted his original statements.  I won't go into all the responses in any great detail here as you can read them for yourself in the aforementioned link.  Ironically, while this gentleman was here bashing my community, his car, along with several others, was being bashed up in the airport parking lot back in his community.  Karma works in interesting ways.

I would like to thank the kind words from the Yukon residents who came here to enjoy the games.  Having coached and chaperoned at a few sporting tournaments in the North, I can certainly relate to the challenges of having good facilities for our young athletes there.  We're glad you've been enjoying the venues we have to offer here.  I have to admit that Yukon is one of two provinces/territories I haven't yet had an opportunity to experience.  I very much look forward to visiting sometime in the future (hopefully soon), particularly after reading such supportive letters.

The retraction letter was genuine and well-worded too, and greatly appreciated by many here I'm sure.  As I'm sure this gentleman now realizes, when you prejudge a place or a community you do yourself a disservice by missing out on the bigger picture and on new experiences.  It's pleasing to see that this gentleman has changed his mind and I sincerely do hope to count him as a visitor to our community in the future.

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Angelina Pratt said...

Excellent response letters! Classy.