Monday, October 5, 2015

David Yurdiga, The Wrong Choice for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

Well.  I tried.  I honestly did.  I really was hoping to get through this federal election campaign without giving it too much mention.  But I now appears that I can no longer do that.  Recent unanswered queries on social media to my current MLA, David Yurdiga, have compelled to say something on the blog and not remain silent any longer.  Mr. Yurdiga has failed to inspire and I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I truly wonder just how interested David Yurdiga is in hearing from constituents when he fails to show up to candidates debates (in Cold Lake as well as Fort McMurray) and can't even be bothered to answer questions.  Recently I posed a few questions to our local candidates to gauge their position on some matters.  I did hear back from our NDP MLA as well as the candidate running for the Christian Heritage Party and while I won't be voting for either I did appreciate their feedback.  The CHP actually admitted he wasn't up to speed on the one issue regarding Nutrition North and while that's obviously not going to compel me to cast a vote for him, I will freely admit that his complete honesty was a breath of fresh air considering the dishonesty I'm used to seeing (If perchance you read this, you have my thanks, Mr. Roeloff).

Anyhow, back to Mr. Yurdiga.  It seems to me that he is merely following the Conservative playbook by dodging concerns and not making himself available at public forums.  While he maintains he wants to focus on door-to-door canvassing I can't help wonder if he wants to avoid situations where he is not in control.  If he meets an unreceptive response at the door he can just move on.  The only ones who knows about it are himself, the homeowner and and hangers-on who might be with him.  In a public forum of course, he can't control the questions asked and there are many other people in attendance as well as the media.  If studying politics has taught me anything it's that it is VERY important to control the message.  And yes, I'm aware that Mr. Yurdiga has had to take time off the campaign to aid an ailing wife.  I can empathize with that as my mom went through a battle with cancer over the past year. BUT, this issue of ducking out on debates preceded his hiatus and was even an issue noted here during last year's by-eleection.

I have questions regarding the country's (increasing) debt, the Conservative Party's weird fetish for focusing on wedge issues, Nutrition North, Senate reform and many others.  And yet, Mr. Yurdiga can't be bothered to address them.  I think this is absolutely shameful and disgusting.

Mr. Yurdiga, this is pathetic.  You will NOT be getting MY vote.  You don't deserve it.  You have taken a party that I grew up for voting and turned it in to a complete shambles and circus.  You have demonstrated through your action (or in this case your inaction) that you DO NOT care what constituents have to say.  Feel free to spin it however you wish but your sad attempts at justification fail to convince.

All your government's talk of "accountability" is downright laughable.  How appropriate that he was raised on a farm as the man was obviously born in a barn when it comes to manners.  Mr. Yurdiga, I don't know about YOUR so-called Conservative values but I was raised to believe that you own up for your actions and that you account them.  You have failed to do this.  I've even had an provincial NDP MLA drop me a message admitting his party made a mistake.  While supporting the NDP is too much of an ideological leap at least he manned up and admitted he was wrong.  I respect that. I really do.  But I have absolutely NO resect for a man who tried to pass himself as having his constituents' best interests in mind when all I've seen is the exact opposite.

Mr. Yurdiga's government likes to talk a lot about accountability but simply fails to deliver.  If you can't be bothered  to take FIVE minutes out of your day to answer even one question and address a concern you don't deserve my vote.  Clearly, you have seem to forgotten exactly who you work for.   You are a public servant.  I help pay your salary.  Therefore, YOU work for ME.  I shouldn't have to chase you down to get an answer.  If you don't like this simply reality than I strongly re-evaluate why exactly you are running to be a leader.  That's not leadership, Mr. Yurdiga.  It's an outright sham.   So do me a favour "sir".  Don't bother stopping by my door.  Don't bother to claim that you hold small town Conservative values.  You don't.  Don't bother claiming to represent me.  You don't.

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