Saturday, December 12, 2015

Enough is Enough

I'll admit I can be quite passionate about politics.  I don't mind voicing my opinion or being blunt and telling a politician when I think they are wrong, and I'm pretty sure I've been struck off the Christmas gift list of more than a few government MP's or MLA's since moving here.  But intimidation and threats just go way over the line in my books.  It's great to have an opinion and to express it but when all you can do is to resort to such base actions you cheapen political discourse, turn people off, and frankly, make yourself look like a bloody idiot.  I've certainly had my share of invective hurled at me between my two blogs and I know I don't have time for cowards who hide behind the anonymity of their computer screen.  Except, perhaps not quite so anonymous since the Mensa geniuses who do this via Facebook certainly put themselves at a greater risk of being "outed".  While I was part of one anti-government social media group that I've seen mentioned in media as a source for earlier threats to the Premier, I ended up leaving the group after seeing the sheer amount of vitriolic, crass and simply illogical reasoning on it and becoming a bit of a target myself after some vain attempts at trying to restore some sanity.

To be sure, I've called a former education minister a bigot (because given his stance on the bullying of gay students in schools what else can I call him?), I've even been harsh on our local MP and I think our current provincial environment minister is a self-absorbed drama queen but threatening them because you disagree with their politics is beyond ridiculous.  We had a democratically-held election last spring.  You may not have gotten the result you wanted (I didn't) but there are better ways to express your disappointment and displeasure than this.  Come on Alberta.  We are better than this.

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Angelina Pratt said...

Religion and Politics, I've decided, are the two subjects that relegate people to acting like children. Especially, on social media where it seems one cannot have an intelligent discourse on these matters.

I have decided to not get sucked into that vortex.