Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Exploring Calgary

My weekend in Calgary, aside from giving me a chance to hear some great music, also afforded me a bit of time to see some of the city sights. I will say that growing up in Ontario in the '80's I was accustomed to Calgary being referred to derisively as "Cowtown".  What I found instead was a tidy and modern city with a very walkable downtown area.  Being the large city that it is, I could only see so much in the day-and-a-half that I had but from what I did see, I thoroughly enjoyed. Cowtown no longer.

8th Avenue, one of the city's historic streets was a joy to explore.  I absolutely love how their old sandstone buildings have been preserved.

The Calgary Tower was high on my list of things to see.  The photo turned out a bit dark.  It was still rather overcast by mid-morning Saturday.  On a positive note, it made for a very comfortable +4C.

9th Avenue and Centre Street from about 500 feet up.

With overcast skies, I wasn't very optimistic about getting a decent view of the Rockies, however, fortune smiled on me.

City view to the north-west (more or less).

Brookfield Place under construction.  Upon completion, it will be Calgary's tallest building if I'm not mistaken.

A decent view of the Saddledome.

A view of the Glenblow Museum and Jack Singer Hall, site of my CPO concert .

Once I returned to ground level, I headed off to explore the Glenbow Museum.  I actually spent a lot more time there than I thought I would.  The exhibits on military history and Alberta history alone took up well over an hour explore.  As I read a great deal of history, and in particular, military history, it's wonderful to see some actual artifacts that you read about.

Mewata Armoury anchors the western terminus of 8th Avenue.  I can only imagine how many military parades left the armoury to march down 8th Avenue during the two world wars.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a Sherman Tank sitting out in front of the Armoury.

Of course I was barely able to scratch the surface with what I was able to cram in to my short stay but  with future plans to see more concerts and the weather gradually getting warmer in the Spring, I look forward to seeing more of what Calgary has to offer.


Angelina Pratt said...

I love seeing Calgary again through your eyes. Lovely pictures. :)

Way Way Up said...

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed.