Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fort Calgary

After finishing up my bird-watching stroll I mentioned in my previous post I found myself down at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fort Calgary.  I had initially planned to check out Fort Calgary during a later trip but since I found myself here....

The original rail line ran along this berm past the fort and paralleled 9th Avenue before reaching the train station.

The Elbow River.

The Elbow feeds in to the Bow just to the east of the old fort.  It's hard to believe that the sunny peaceful view was such a scene of chaos during the 2013 floods.

The Fort's barracks (or at least a modern replica of it) along with a statue of James MacLeod, the Fort's first commanding officer.

I only dabbled in early fur trading history in university and western Canadian history along with that of the RCMP was never my forte either so I found the grounds and the exhibits in the museum quite fascinating.

Stone marker commemorating the fort as a National Historic Site.

This stone marks the site of the original barracks which I believer burned down in 1888, if I recall correctly.

The grounds weren't completely open yet as the ground was still pretty sodden but it was definitely a place I wouldn't mind returning to and exploring further.

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